Kaweco Dia 2 Fountain Pen Black with Chrome Trim

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The Kaweco Dia2 fountain pen's unique design features are the knurling on the cap and barrel, ever present since the Dia's initial launch in the 1930's. This timeless classic pen has been updated to include a screw on cap and has a chrome logo on the cap and the barrel.

The fixed clip is made from solid brass which, along with the other trim, has been premium chrome plated. The barrel and cap have been CNC precision machined and knurled from high quality acrylic resin.

The quality Bock steel nib is available in sizes ranging from extra fine to extra broad. The Dia 2 uses standard international ink cartridges but comes with a free ink converter for those who love bottled ink.

The Dia 2 fountain pen weighs 18g and measures 126mm when held without the cap. With the cap posted, as illustrated, it weighs 27g and measures 160mm.

Brand: Kaweco
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